Cancer is a diagnosis nobody likes to receive. The modern medicine is still working on a complete cure to this disease, but they are making progress. The co-founder of Tempus did not think much about cancer at first, at least not on a personal level. However, tragedy struck his family when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is one of the most well-known forms of the disease. There is a possibility of a cure, but the road to it is as unpleasant as with any other type of the disease. It was going to be a bumpy ride.For Eric Lefkofsky and his family, it was an altogether a very steep learning curve. He did not know much about data gathering from cancer patients and the treatment procedures. He learned that at the time there was no direct link between the technology and data. That was a clear sign that something had to change and more information click here.

There is a lot of data collected by nurses, oncologists and treatment specialists. There is a lot of data provided by the cancer patients themselves. However, a lot of it is still hand written on pieces of paper and since doctors are not known for the best handwriting – these notes are unreadable for others and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus decided to step in and change the whole system of how care for cancer reaches patients. They started their work and were able to develop an exceptional platform for this purpose alone. It analyses the data of the patient -clinical and molecular. However, they had to overcome issues before the system could be introduced to the medical professionals.

They did not give up and were able to upgrade the technology to a whole new level. Now it recognises individual handwriting and can transform the notes to data readable for everybody. They believe that in future the researchers will be able to do much more with it. At this point, however, it gathers data and then feeds it to the relevant professionals and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

They can put together treatment plans and the several cancers they threat, making the whole process of finding the right approach faster and easier for the patients and the doctors.

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