Open society foundation is one of the largest philanthropic organization in the world. It was founded by one of the wealthiest men in the world, George Soros. He founded the organization 24 years ago with the intention of improving human life across the globe. George Soros is guided by the principle that what is imperfect can be improved and this is why his organization has its presence in different countries across the globe. Soros is mostly known due to his great success as a hedge fund manager, which has helped him accumulate a significant amount of resources. Through the organization, Soros is estimated to have donated over $12 billion dollars. Through his donation, he has been able to help millions of people to improve their lifestyle. The foundation was founded in the year 1993 and it has its presence in over 37 countries. Recently, he funded Ferguson protest in a bid to spur civil actions and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros also has interests in politics and he indirectly and directly influences American politics and policies in the aim that the livelihood of the people will be changed to better. In the last year alone, George contributed over 33 million dollars in support of already established groups that fight for the right of minorities. According to Kenneth Zimmerman, the current director of the Open Society Foundation, the organization allows people to participate in government in order to attain an all-inclusive democratic society. The recent publication by Politico showed that George Soros is highly dedicated to transforming the criminal justice system. The billionaire has channeled over $3 million to seven local district-attorney campaigns in six states in just one year. The billionaire has channeled over $3 million to seven local district-attorney campaigns in six states in just one year. His financial support is focused on helping Hispanic and African-American political candidates to secure influential local roles and more information click here.

The organization has spent a significant amount of money in the years 2015 and 2016. There is excitation that the company will continue to increase its support in the next few years. George Soros budget is considered to be the second largest after the Clinton Foundation. The organization also fights for the rights of women, sex workers, LGBTQ communities and drug users. Its global expenditure is estimated to be over $827 million. George Soros was raised in Hungary in 1930. He lived through the Nazi regime, which was characterized by the killing of over half a million. The organization has a large footprint worldwide and its budget this year was estimated to be approximate $930 million Hungarians Jews and George’s lacrosse camp.

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