In the recent years, so many companies decided that it was time to stop providing their employees with stock options. The reason why so many did this was so that they will be able to save money, but so many other reasons were involved. One of the main reason was that when the stock market dropped then so, many employees didn’t buy the stock options. But the company was still responsible for the option overhang it didn’t matter even if the employees purchased or not. So many companies considered it a waste of money.

In 2014, Jeremy Goldstein formed this private law firm called the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The primary interest that he had in mind when coming up with the company was that he would be able to help with the executive pay, the issues that were faced by the governance and provide the CEOs with the council that they needed. He has been able to complement the work that he does with the clients at various firms. Jeremy Goldstein is highly evaluated in this area. He has been able to receive the designation as one of the top executive compensation attorneys. In one of the New York City mergers firm Mr. Goldstein spent some years as one of the partners of the firm.

During his university years, he attended the New York University (NYM) where he attained a JD. He still highly involved in the school as the professional advisory board member of the school. In the community of New York, he has been helpful with the support of the mental health programs in the society. He helps those health programs as he is a member of the fountain house board. Jeremy Goldstein has been so involved in the community since 2008 because that’s when he joined the fountain house and he has been serving as the director since then.


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