Sahm Adrangi, Iranian-Canadian is the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, which manages over 250 million dollars in assets, from 1 million at founding. Founded in 2009, Kerrisdale Capital Management is a hedge fund, based out of New York City and they have positioned themselves to be one of the best performing funds in three year period. Prior to Founding Kerrisdale, Adrangi has held many positions of great responsibilities with Deutsche Bank, as well as Chanin Capital Partners over the years. He sharpened his fiance skills as a investment analyst with Longacre Fund Management; they successfully managed over 1.2 billion in assets. Adrangi has served as consultant to many financially committees as well as writing many articles in Finance Investing. Sahm Adrangi completed his collegiate studies at Yale University; Adrangi earned a Bachelors in Arts & Economics in 2003. Initially, Sahm Adrangi is interested in journalism, but an internship with acclaimed news paper deters him, and more information click here.

Originally, Kerrisdale Capital Management is known for reverse merger acquisition, especially with Chinese Companies. Basically, Sahm Adrangi would complete laser focused research on a questionable company, consequently a projection is determined, bet short against the company; the targeted company stock looses value and Sahm Adrani makes a small fortune. This approach was conducted with The Chinese Education Allowance, which was proven to be a hoax; Sahm Adrangi hired Chinese consultants to determine the companies irregularities, accounting errors and eventually fraud. The investigators uncovered dubious information which lead to a Securities and Exchange Commission systematic review of targeted company. The Chinese Education Allowance was committing outright fraud and Adrangi discovered this and informed the world with his reports as well as video evidence. Sahm Adrangi was able to solidify his companies impeccable reputation with detailed research and decisive action, that took courage, and resume him.