Securus Technologies is one of the leading prison communications provider in North America. The company has been working with correctional facilities across the United States and Canada, and they are responsible for providing their communication needs. The company has been developing devices and computer programs that would create a peaceful and secure environment for the prisoners and the authorities, and these products from Securus Technologies are also used by different agencies to preserve law and order. Recently, Rick Smith asked the jail guards and the authorities inside the prison to send their comments and suggestions about the products that the company developed, and he also encouraged them to write their personal stories on how the products from Securus Technologies helped them in performing their duties.


After Rick Smith relayed his request, thousands of emails and letters came, originating from different correctional facilities across the country. These emails and letters described the experiences of jail guards and jail authorities in using the products from Securus Technologies. Each letter has been written in full detail, and the majority of the letters talk about the role of the devices and software in keeping the correctional facilities peaceful. They stated how inmates began to change and behave positively after the introduction of the devices from Securus Technologies. There was a drop in the number of riots, and prisoners have become more obedient.


Another prison authority recalled how the products from Securus Technologies helped them catch one of his colleagues in doing illegal activities. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies have amazing features on par with those being used by spies and secret agents. Each phone call made using their devices would record the audio of those speaking on both lines. This was crucial in catching the jail guard’s colleague, which led to his arrest.