Sergey Petrossov is a remarkable young man that in business when he was in his early twenties. While other kids his age were busy with the party scene and enjoying the nightlife, he was hard at work and toiling to make his company a success. It is no wonder now why JetSmarter is worth billions of dollars. Before he even reached 30, Sergey was able to reach the pinnacle of success, tapping a niche market of jet setting travelers that simply want to jet smarter.

The first beta version of his apps was launched in 2012 and it has since grown to include thousands of members availing of their services. For $15,000 in the first year and $10,000 in the following years, his clients can make unlimited bookings to fly privately on any destination around the world. Sergey Petrossov was able to collaborate with many different suppliers worldwide, so hiring them means having access to at least 170 places on the planet. Now, private jets are no longer just for the elites and the celebrities. Anyone can enjoy them easily through the JetSmarter mobile app.

Some of the companies unique services include booking free seats to already existing air routes. Clients can also make their own flight plan and have others take seats to limit the cost. If the clients want the entire plane to be exclusive for their use only, that could also be arranged for an additional fee. Whatever the clients want to feel comfortable, JetSmarter will gladly accommodate. On top of that, the company provides complimentary helicopter services, with hassle-free transfers at no extra costs, to and from the New York airports. During the summer season, helicopters frequently shuttle from Manhattan to the Hamptons.

Sergey Petrossov is very happy that his company continues to provide access to luxury air travel to many people from varying parts of the world. Commercial flights are too packed and before you can get on the fully loaded plane, you have to get through the hassle of passing through the airport and the TSA. Because JetSmarter is able to offer better private aviation services that don’t break the bank, going with them is the better solution. Sergey himself is a seasoned traveler that has been around the globe many times. His best travel tip is to download JetSmarter because you may end up realizing that going via private plane just might turn out to be more cost-effective.

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